Voluntown Library is one of 200 libraries in the nation to receive this collection of 50 translated books including fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, historical, and Manga. We are one of 6 libraries in Connecticut receiving this grant. The others are Franklin, Canterbury, Hartford, Rowayton, and Suffield. They should arrive at Voluntown Library soon.

Click here for more  information about the Japanese books we are receiving through the grant from ALA and Toyota Corporation. There is a list of the libraries receiving the books, and a pdf link for the book titles we will receive.


Voluntown Library presents Extreme Community Quilt
Voluntown Library presents Extreme Community Quilt

(L to R) Cheryl T., Janice S., Sharon G. (VPL Staff), Deborah Fleet (Library Director), Melanie C.

Just a quick update on the quilt. Wednesday evening several women met together to tie the quilt and to blind stitch the binding at Voluntown Public Library in Voluntown, Connecticut. We completely finished by 9 p.m. Wednesday evening, having begun planning the previous Saturday morning. I spoke once more with Billy Roberts, Design Producer for Extreme Makeover, and was told to call Thursday morning. Due to the Extreme busy-ness of finalizing everything at the build, I could not reach him, so a small entourage of the quilters joined me to walk to the site. We waited in the icy rain, sloshed about in the mud, then were moved to the VIP tent. While standing in the VIP tent, I met (the late) Thom Girard’s sister, Elaine, and so I told her the particulars and details about the quilt and its conception so she can share it with Carol Girard after all the excitement. A couple times we were moved on to the garage, only to be forced back to the tent due to filming. Eventually, I was the last one holding the bag with the quilt, so I waited in the laundry room, amidst the painters touching up, and caught glimpses of Ty and the crew, and got to scream in the background “Wow, look at that chair!” and similar such things as furniture was moved in. I wore the mandatory white hard hat propped on my signature red beret!
After speaking with several different people, I was finally sent to bring the quilt into the Master Bedroom, but as we went in, Ty was being filmed, and we were again sent out to wait in the laundry room. I did see a couple Voluntown locals volunteering, but they couldn’t help me, until one of the volunteers, Kara Giroux, who also worked on the quilt with the group, came by. Thus, I commited the quilt into her hands as she set off to find the designer. Failing that, she approached Ty Pennington himself by the Master Bedroom, and told him the story of the quilt and the community quilters. He personally took the quilt!
There have been a number of people still wanting to sign the quilt, but it is out of our hands, and in the hands of the Girard family at this time.
This has been an exciting an interesting project that was initiated with social networking tools – mainly facebook, and its instant messaging potential, e-mail to some extent, and telephone calls. I am amazed at how this project brought together a bunch of people from the community who never cross paths at the library, and also drew people who do not typically use the library. Well over 100 people signed the backing, and 23 various women created quilt blocks, planned, laid out the pieces, trimmed squares, tied and finished the quilt. Several plan to continue meeting with our “Nutty about knitting, Crazy about crochet” group. In early 2009 we plan to harness the power of the group to create warm cozy quilts and afghans for Project Linus! Who knew that creating such a positive community collaboration would also strengthen programs and outreach at the library! This has been a highly appreciated, exciting  and rewarding collaborative effort of women of the community of Voluntown.

Deborah Fleet, Library Director

Saturday Morning, after speaking with Christelle Lachapelle, and then Billy Roberts, Design Producer for Extreme Homemakeover at Voluntown for the Girard Family Extreme Makeover, I initiated an effort for an extreme community quilt for the Girard Family. I was given the go ahead by Mr. Roberts after being given a color scheme for a bedroom, and began meeting with interested women at the library. As of Tuesday night, the quilt top is complete. Photos available on my facebook – Deborah Fleet threadbee@sbcglobal.net.

Here is the link for the article in the Norwich Bulletin this morning: Exteme Community Quilt Project

Today, Terry Allard is laying out the quilt face, the fill, and the signed backing at the Voluntown Town Hall to baste the piece together so that we can begin and finish tying the quilt/coverlet Wednesday evening (tonight) when the library closes at 6 p.m. til ?

Deborah Fleet, Library Director, Voluntown Public Library


Quilt Top - Finished! ready to make "Quilt sandwich"

Quilt Top - Finished! ready to make "Quilt sandwich"

This is it folks, one of the busiest and most popular program that our library offers: Walk in Christmas Crafts for kids – ages 5 and up. (If you have a younger child, they may attend providing you give them your full attention and assistance). It is happening today, December 2, at Voluntown Public Library from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Summer Reading closed with a fabulous party – refreshments, prizes and great entertainment by Jay Mankita performing The Day the Library Went Wild.

Jay Mankita Voluntown Library August 2008

Jay Mankita Voluntown Library August 2008

It was awesome. Not only did Jay share some wonderful tunes, great guitar, entertaining lyrics ( hmm, a twist of some old favorites, cleverly disguised!), and a remarkable Voyager fueled in part by recycled used vegetable oil – yes the stuff that fries your fries at the fast food joints, but Jay also spent some time with the older kids, the teen volunteers, and let them play his guitar! His is a clip of Jake and Dan playing his guitar.

(Videos require signing into facebook).

A few weeks ago, local teen group “Sonnie” performed for the end of summer TV jam and appreciation bash. It was a loud and wonderful time at the library that rocked the books, the staff and patrons. Teens enjoyed music, refreshments (pizza, soft drinks, cookies) and each other’s company as well as received prizes for volunteering throughout the summer. The library summer reading program highly appreciates the teen volunteers and what they do to make the program a huge success at Voluntown Public Library. Bravo!

It seems I just wrote about the start of summer reading, when BAM! here it is, the end again. It has been a whopping success! 77 children completed the program reading a GRAND TOTAL of 2,124 books read with each youngster reading anywhere from 1 to 176 books! 30 children were read to in the read-to-me program at total of 1,131 books. The remaining 47 readers read 993 books for themselves. Awesome! Tuesday night is library night at Dodd Stadium and I can’t wait to see the Defender’s. Em and Jake will man the desk at VPL for the evening. The rest of us should be there.
Don’t forget Friday is the closing event with Jay Mankita and his Veggie Voyager. Participants are bringing refreshments. Be sure to bring a blanket, or lawn chair, hat, whathaveyou. Bring your camera! See you there.

More later!